Tuesday, May 13, 2014


"I pride myself on my modesty, but I ended up nominating myself for volunteer of the year.  I mean, why waste all that time doing charity work if no one recognizes you for it?"

Monday, May 12, 2014


"Look at her. New face lift, Botox, implants, & a chin lift.  She's so lucky her Husband's bank got bailed out. Now they're rolling in the dough. It's not fair!  My husband's company will never go bankrupt. My Mother warned me not to marry into big oil."

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Today I saw a pin on Pinterest saying: "Only those who attempt the absurd achieve the impossible."

There couldn't have been a more appropriate intro into this post:




Yes my culinary mates, my foodie friends White Castle has created what previously was just fodder for dreams, a chicken and waffle sandwich.

I know you are asking many questions at this very moment.

"How is this possible?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I love chicken & waffles, but together...?"

"Why isn't Oprah running for President?"

"Why is mayonnaise so good?"

Dear reader, first off I think you may have ADHD (I can refer you to a good psychiatrist, just email me.)

I am now going to try and answer a few of your Chicken and Waffle related questions:

Chicken and Waffles combination goes back decades and originated in the South. This ultimate combination of sweet and salty if now finding its way into more Americans stomachs throughout the US.

The fast food restaurant chain White Castle has, through years of diligent trial and error in their test kitchens, created tiny waffles (the size of, let's say, a small pancake) which is somehow both fluffy and slightly crispy the way Belgian Grandmothers would insist upon. They have a faint sweet taste and an unmistakable cornmeal taste to them (Dear US Govt thanks for making farm subsidies so frickin' high that corn has even made its way into White Castle Waffles) which are used as "bread" between which they place a teeny tiny piece of chicken coated and deep fried, with a condiment of  (and this is where it gets a little over the top) some type of white "gravy" and a smattering of bacon bits to create a mouthwatering mini sandwich.

In order to write this review I to White Castles twice this week (Oh the things I do for you, my dear reader) and tried the Chicken & Waffle sandwich with the gravy & bacon and without.
I must say I prefer it without the gravy and bacon, firstly at times I like to dissect (DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU SPELL DISSECT WITH TWO S's?? I didn't. In fact I would have sworn it was spelled DISECT or even DISCECT. I am going to have to get this changed. Who is with me?) my food. Eg. I like to break my Big Macs into two fun little sandwiches. It makes you think you are getting twice the food and each little sandwich has distinct flavor the other does have (ie the first half doesn't have cheese, etc). So the lack of crumbly bacon and gravy make such a division of ingredients much easier and probably a tad bit healthier. For my back loving friends I say go for the bacon.

White Castle is astonishingly offering the Chicken and Waffle sandwich all day long, and for those of you who aren't accustomed to the establishment that means that you could have one anytime you want except for the 24 hours that is Christmas (That is the only day they are closed and that is the only reason they have locks on the doors).  They are also offering strictly on their breakfast menu a side of Waffles with Mrs. Buttersworth syrup and Waffle breakfast sandwiches with egg and sausage. My brother would always like me to point out that during breakfast house they have fried bologna and egg sandwiches which even if not listed on the official menu are available upon request.

My overall rating is three and a half Fried Pies out of five. Of course the Chicken and Waffle sandwich pails in comparison to its older brother the White Castle Cheeseburger, but in this world what doesn't pail in comparison with the White Castle Cheeseburger-sadly not much.

Currently they are running a special two for $5 which is quite a delectable steal if you ask me. Let the eating commence!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


"I never understood the point of video games. If I wanted to control a 
completely helpless character who was dependent upon me to make all
their decisions for them I would simply get a husband."

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bactine! It still exists!!!!

 Bactine! It still exists!!!!

It's as if you just were told that Hewey Lewis is still alive after having thought he was dead for years (True story: I thought Huey Lewis has died in the early 2000's. Fortunately he hadn't. Whenever anyone told me I should see the movie "Duets" with Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow I would say "Im sorry it's just too soon for me to even think about watching a film with him in it." After telling scores of people of his death and convincing all of them that he had in fact died finally someone who knew with certainty that he was still alive corrected my accidental faux pas (or Faux Mort if you will).

Recently when talking with one of my friends (Probably Jes since she and I always have these types of conversations) I mentioned that in the 1980s every cut, scrape or bruise I suffered was quickly remedied by a squirt of a clear liquid medication called "Bactine". That stuff was a life saver but it was discontinued (or so I thought) sometimes in the 1990's along with Clearly Canadian (or Clearly Canadienne if your prefer) and Cabbage Patch Kid's cereal and I was saddened to think that such an integral part of my childhood (and had probably prevented several of my appendages from getting gangrene) had vanished.

Stop the presses, while in line at the grocery store what did I see on the shelf?!? Well if you read the title of this post or know anything about foreshadowing you know it was BACTINE.  Given that Winter Storm, Arctic Vortex, Snowagendon is nearly upon us, may I encourage each of you to run out and grab a handful of this antiseptic/anesthetic just in case you get any minor scrapes or bruises during this next bout of ice mania. Long live BACTINE!!!!!