Brick. Film Review

Rent This: BRICK (DVD)

This is the type of film that you don't see coming. 

It will blindside you with its greatness.

 If you have seen it you probably rented it on a lark, or you saw it in the theatre because it was between it and some movie about the apocalypse.

If you have seen this film then you can move on to my next review.  You already know this film is wicked.  Yes, wicked. As in: it's 1983 and you just watched your first Transformers episode. That is how good this film is.

Basically this is an old school murder mystery, thriller, mob movie set in a high school. 

Before Inception and well after 3rd Rock From the Son this film showcased the acting abilities of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Yes, he was the little kid in 3rd Rock).  

The entire film rests on the amazing acting abilities of its young actors, along with the intensely dense and film noir/Micky Spillane dialogue.  The language is so thick with antiquated wording it takes several minutes to get your mind around it-as if you are watching a foreign film in a language you used to kinda-sorta know.

Keeping you on your toes, you are never quite sure what is around the bend.  The suspense is so well done you want to know what happens next.   

An amazing modern film that deserves more attention that it has received.

You ought to see this if:
  1. If you haven't seen this film before
  2. If you haven't seen this film for a couple years
  3. You are looking for a great film that will keep you guessing
  4. An intense, well written, well acted film is what you are looking for
Avoid this film if
Don't Avoid this film. Period.

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