Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eat This:

Ritter Sport Marzipan

A long time ago I loved Snickers.

To be sure Snickers is a good candy bar-it is kind, considerate and generous with its peanuts, but a few years ago our relationship naturally changed, as relationships do.

Actually, I had met another candy bar, one that offered something new and different.  A candy bar with better quality ingredients, unique combination of flavors and a German Accent (WHO? I ask, can deny the inherent attractiveness of a foreign accent?)

My new candy bar is the Ritter Sport Marzipan. Do not be deceived by its name-it is not some type of European Soccer club which sounds almost as alluring as a chocolate bar- it is the BEST chocolate bar out there.

Ritter Sport is actually a very popular German Chocolate maker who started making candy in the early 1900s.  Their candy bars have made their way to the US some time ago and are now readily available in small or large perforated squares.

Despite the fact that once you have met Marzipan and you will not want to ever eat another candy bar again there are quite an assortment of Ritter Sport flavors: Hazelneut in Dark Chocolate; Praline; Mint Chocolate; Butter Cookie in Milk Chocolate & the expectedly great, Cornflakes in Milk Chocolate, etc etc.

The best is undoubtedly Marzipan (A sugary almond concoction that tastes just this side of what one would expect to eat for dessert in Shangri-la) in Dark (As in: "Help, I am lost in the Black Forest at midnight") Dark Chocolate-It simply cannot be beat!

This is by far the best tasting candy bar out there (Except for perhaps the 5th Avenue but let's leave that for another post-and please don't tell Marzipan).

You can find them at TARGET & World Market (In their stores only) or order them from

Ritter-Sport Website: CLICK HERE

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  1. LOL! That is right!!! Eat some Ritter Sport Marzipan. Good times!!! :)