Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rent this:

2046 (DVD)

Aesthetic, slow burning gem of a film.

This is a film you have never heard of, but now you have and so you are bound by the dictates of good taste and human decency to see it.

Go out this second and rent it!  You will probably not find this one at Blockbuster so go to your local independent video rental store and snap it up. Or you can Netflix-it, or even better, buy it!

The story takes place in mid 20th century Hong Kong as writer Chow Mo-Wan (played by the incredible Tony Leung Chiu Wai) is writing a novel set in the future.  As the author encounters new neighbors and acquaintances he starts to weave them into his work.  Li Gong (Memoirs of a Geisha) plays one of Chow Mo-Wan's love interests with the vitality and uncertainty of youth.

The plot takes its own time.  Unfolding like a slow river.  Meandering, taking curves and turns inevitably reaching its final destination.  This is not a movie to watch when you are doing a million other things.  To fully appreciate it you must relax; let it envelope you; and be carried away with the story.

There is only a hint of Science Fiction in this film.  Although it is only a small piece to the actual story, that being said, the visuals from the fictitious 2046 are beautiful.

2046's soundtrack is amazing.  Particularly the original works, which are so emotive and stimulating you will want to buy it immediately following the movie. (The Soundtrack is NOT available on i-tunes but is on  I often listen to it when I am writing to keep me in a meditative state and spark creativity.

This is one in a series of films with the character Chow Mo-Wan, so if it strikes your fancy you are in for further treats.

You ought to rent this because:
  1. Impeccable acting
    1. Tony Leung Chiu Wai also starred in; In the Mood for Love,(Also in this series), Chun King Express, Happy Together; and Ang Lee's Lust~Caution
  2. Astonishing visuals (Particularly color use)
  3. A soundtrack to die for
  4. Engaging storyline

Click here for the 2046 Website

Avoid this film if:
  1. You hate subtitles
  2. You hate slow moving films
  3. You have poor taste in movies, and you have no desire to change it

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